Apple Pay Domains API

Apple Pay provides a secure and seamless payment method that you can offer in-app, in store, and on the web. Apple Pay uses network tokenization, stores payment information securely in the shopper's Apple Pay eligible device, and confirms the payment through Touch ID or Face ID authentication. Apple Pay is PSD2 SCA-compliant.

When the shopper selects Apple Pay, they are presented with a payment sheet where they choose a card and provide contact details and shipping address. Then they are prompted to authenticate the payment through Face ID or Touch ID.

Apple Pay supports liability shift for American Express and Mastercard, but not Visa.

Before you start accepting Apple Pay on the web via a Lightbox or iFrame, you need to register all domains with Apple. You do not need to create any Apple Pay certificates for the web integration, since the payments will be processed through DNA Payments Apple Pay certificate.

You can see more information on this on our Apple Pay page.


This guide is for Apple Pay Domain registration only, via an API. You are able to do all of the listed functionality via the Merchant Portal if this is preferred or easier.

Functionality Summary

  • Authentication - this is required to Authenticate requests sent to the API and is similar to existing Authentication requests you may already have implemented.

The API for the following requests is very similar, only the HTTP Method varies.

  • Register Domain - used to add certified domains to Apple's domain registry - HTTP POST
  • Unregister Domain - used to remove any previously registered domains from Apple's domain registry - HTTP DELETE
  • View Domains - used to return a list of currently registered domains - HTTP GET