Register Domain


Before registering a domain in production, you will need to download the domain association file and host it at /.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association on your site.

When Apple verifies a domain, it makes a request to retrieve the domain association file.


The request is completed by a POST to the above URL's with these headers:

HTTP Header
Field NameStateData TypeDescription
AuthorizationMandatoryStringBearer access_token

With this parameter:

HTTP Path Parameter
Field NameData TypeDescription
merchantIdStringDNA Payments merchant ID. E.g. 70407064-b70d-46a1-8aba-931c4891e25c

You can find this with a GET Merchants query to our separate Reporting API.

And the payload as shown here:

Field NameData TypeStateDescription
domainNamesStringMandatoryAn array of objects, each one as below.

Items must be unique. The API is limited to 99 domain names per request.
stringStringMandatoryA fully qualified domain name/subdomain including the “www.” if applicable.


DON’T include “https://” in the domain name.

If successful, this method returns the 200 OK response code with an empty body.

Request Example

"domainNames": [