View Domains


The request is completed by a GET to the above URL's with these headers:

HTTP Header
Field NameStateData TypeDescription
AuthorizationMandatoryStringBearer access_token

With this parameter:

HTTP Path Parameter
Field NameData TypeDescription
merchantIdStringDNA Payments merchant ID. E.g. 70407064-b70d-46a1-8aba-931c4891e25c

You can find this with a GET Merchants query to our separate Reporting API.

If successful, this method returns the 200 OK response code with the below payload.

GET response
Field NameData TypeStateDescription
domainNamesStringMandatoryAn array of objects, each one as below.
stringStringMandatoryA fully qualified domain name/subdomain including the “www.” if applicable.


Response Example

"domainNames": [