Apple Pay Direct

Apple Pay provides a secure and seamless payment method that you can offer in-app, in store, and on the web. Apple Pay uses network tokenization, stores payment information securely in the shopper's Apple Pay eligible device, and confirms the payment through Touch ID or Face ID authentication. Apple Pay is PSD2 SCA-compliant.

When the shopper selects Apple Pay, they are presented with a payment sheet where they choose a card and provide contact details and shipping address. Then they are prompted to authenticate the payment through Face ID or Touch ID.

Apple Pay supports liability shift for American Express and Mastercard, but not Visa.

Usage of Apple Pay Direct

This solution allows you to display an Apple Pay only button during checkout. If you want to offer multiple payment methods, including Payment Card entry, you may wish to consider using our hosted Ecommerce solution, Checkout.

Integrating to Apple Pay Direct is a 6 step process:

  1. Set up Apple Pay
  2. Set Up your DNA account
  3. Render the Apple Pay button on your payment form
  4. Following buyer authentication, receive Apple Pay Token
  5. Pass Apple Pay Token in the Payment Request to DNA
  6. Validate the Payment Response

Set up Apple Pay

Before you can process Apple Pay via the DNA Platform, you will need to follow their Apple Pay on the Web guide.

This page documents how to set up your server, configure your environment and display the Apple Pay Button.

Set up your DNA account

You should speak to your Account Manager, or email, to apply for Test and Live credentials.

When your application is successfully completed with DNA Payments, account credentials are issued that allow you to configure your plugin/website to accept transactions. These credentials ensure that access to the accounts are only provided to authorised person(s). These credentials consist of a Client ID, Client Secret and Terminal ID.

The information is supplied to the email address provided during the application and will look like the below:

  • Client Secret: Ma1$9_urLYokhRPPXYQwxl1P_j9HURguTb!P8YgmNBPym1lw-rmh570kY_gR-I$
  • Terminal ID: 96f517da-7bb5-468d-bef2-4d6b6c569544

You should retain these details as they will be needed in Authentication.