Integration Approval

Integration Approval

This section provides information on Integration Approval, a process which needs to be completed by all integrators prior to their solution going live.

What is ‘Integration Approval’?

As our solutions are generically approved by the Acquirers, the responsibility for ensuring that your solution meets the required standard lies with us. Therefore prior to you going live with it, your solution must first be certified by one of our Solution Consultants.

We run through a test script with covers all processing scenarios. The overall aim of the process is to ensure that your solution can correctly process all supported transaction types and handle the various error conditions that can occur. This is especially important as the correct handling of these scenarios make sure that the use of your solution is as trouble free as possible.

How Is the Approval Completed?

What Happens If I Make a Change After Approval?

We understand that your solution will be updated, as we do often update our solutions too. It would be completely impractical for us to request a re-test to be performed every time an update is made, and this is not what is required.

Before Booking an Integration Approval

Before contacting us to arrange an integration approval, it is recommended that a full run through of the test script is completed, this will ensure that the integration passes all requirements. Completing this beforehand removes the possibility of a wasted test session and the associated delays in getting your customers live.

How to Book an Integration Test

What Happens After Integration Approval?

Once the integration testing is complete, we will confirm whether the tests have been passed. If there have been some failures, time will be allowed for amendments to be made and the tests re-attempted. However, should these fixes not be possible or that there is not sufficient time remaining, a new test session will need to be booked.

If the testing is passed, confirmation of this will be provided on the day. This means that the integrated solution can be rolled live in (its tested form) straight away. Documentation confirming the result will be sent to you within two weeks of the successful test.

Details of the solution tested will also be stored internally at our side, allowing us to ensure that only approved integrations are set live.

Contact Information

Our team are solution experts and on hand to support you through the integration process, from initial account setup through to the integration testing process and go-live. Should you experience an issue during testing please ensure that, where applicable, you have the transaction Id or message logs available for the team.

If you have any questions or require support, please get in touch with us using the details below:

Optomany Integration Team
Phone:+44 (0) 20 8102 8000

Integration Team Hours

Days:Monday - Friday
Hours Covered:09:00 – 17:30