Status Codes & Responses

Ecommerce Transaction Statuses

authorizedSuccessfulTransaction has been authorised.
cancelledSuccessfulTransaction has been cancelled.
chargedSuccessfulTransaction has been charged.
refundedSuccessfulA previously approved transaction has been refunded – either
partially or fully.
tokenizedSuccessfulSuccessful card tokenisation performed; no financial transaction
has been completed.
verifiedSuccessfulConsumers account has been verified.
creditedSuccessfulTransaction has been credited.
failedFailedTransaction has been rejected due to an error.
rejectedFailedTransaction has been rejected by the acquirer/issuer.
createdOtherTransaction created and is in progress.
For Non-card transactions only.
newOtherTransaction has been created but processing has not yet started.
payment_link_cancelledOtherPayment link cancelled.
Only valid for Pay by Link transactions.
payment_link_viewedOtherPayment link viewed but not yet completed.
Only valid for Pay by Link transactions.
processingOtherTransaction is currently being processed.
authenticatingOtherTransaction is currently in the Payer Authentication/3D Secure
abandonedFailedTransaction abandoned (only used currently for ecospend/Open

Ecommerce Transaction Types

saleTransaction which has been authorised and settled
refundRefund transaction
tokenizationCard token registered; no financial transaction performed
p2pP2P transfers
recurringRecurring transaction
verificationAccount verification transaction
authAuthorisation only
paybylinkPay by Link transaction
creditCredit transaction – e.g. original credit, payment of winnings
adjustmentPartial refund

Ecommerce Payment Methods

cardCard payment
paypalPayPal payment
applepayApple Pay payment
googlepayGoogle Pay payment
klarnaKlarna payment
paybybankappPay by Bank App payment
ecospendEcospend (Open Banking) payment


HTTP Status CodeDescriptionNotes
400Bad RequestRequest format is invalid.
401UnauthorizedInvalid authentication credentials have been supplied.
403ForbiddenAuthorisation has failed due to insufficient permissions.
404Not FoundThe requested resource does not exist.
422Unprocessable EntityAPI cannot complete the requested action.
500Internal Server ErrorInternal error has occurred, please try again later.
503Service UnavailableAPI is temporarily offline for maintenance, please try again later.
For some failed requests, the API can return JSON response bodies that include information about an error. For example:
{ "code": 86, "message": "Unauthorized" }

If any of these errors are seen on a regular basis or they cannot be overcome, please contact us for assistance.