S300 PED

These notes are for the S300 PED, used in conjuction with the Windows axept® Service only. For notes on the S300 using IP integration, please see Terminal Release Notes

Version NumberDate Released - 11/02/2021

This version includes the latest data-signing certificate so is the minimum supported version available in our Live and Pre-Production Environments.


This release depends on the Windows axept® Service Release 1.0.21026.1. If updating, please ensure both components are scheduled for an update.

This release contains the following functionality and fixes which may not be present in older releases.


  • Amex Contactless transactions are now supported where the Amex Scheme is configured
  • PED Branding now available. Please speak to your Account Manager for more information.
  • Added support for PCI 4 24hr reboot, as required


  • Additional error logging implemented to enable better diagnostics
  • Fixed an issue with accepting certain Allied Irish Bank issue cards
  • PED now recovers better during data transfer