Windows axept® Service

Version NumberDate Released

1.0.21026.1 - 27/01/2021

This version includes the latest data-signing certificate so is the minimum supported version available in our Live and Pre-Production Environments.


This release depends on the S300 PED Release OR Xenteo ECO PED Release If updating, please ensure both components are scheduled for an update.

This release contains the following functionality and fixes which may not be present in older releases.


  • Auto Cancel on Declined Result
    The solution can now be configured to automatically cancel a transaction following a declined payment result. This is set within the configuration file of the service and is defaulted to False, representing current behaviour.
  • Contactless Fall Forward
    Added support for response code 65 from the Acquirer. This instructs the solution to Fall Forward to ICC/Chip & PIN as the cardholder has exceeded the Issuer’s authentication threshold for contactless. The solution will request the card is inserted.
  • Added support for the Flexecash/Love2Shop scheme


  • Additional error logging implemented to enable better diagnostics
  • Fixed an issue where locally authorised transactions were not properly tokenised during Settlement
  • Fixed an issue where some submitted transactions were rejected
  • Voice Referral now prompts correctly