Getting Started

End of Life

axept® GO has been superceded by the axept® PRO solution. We are no longer actively developing any functionality for axept® GO.

If you are starting your integration journey, please refer to the axept® PRO guide.

axept® GO is standalone Android Payment application which also accepts local integration messages. Optomany have developed a simple way to integrate your Android application with axept® GO using a feature included with Android known as ‘Intents’.

Intents (android.content.Intent) are the messaging system by which one activity can launch another activity. An activity can, for example, issue an intent to request the launch of another activity contained within the same application. Intents also, however, go beyond this concept by allowing an activity to request the services of any other appropriately registered activity on the device for which permissions are configured. This document details how these intents are used by the axept® GO solution.


axept® GO functionality exists in axept® PRO however you cannot rely on Android Intents AND Weblink simultaneously. If any part of your solution relies on functionality that is exclusive to axept® PRO then you must only use that solution. You cannot 'mix and match'.

Transaction Flow

axept® GO acts as a Semi-integrated payment solution in this way.

  1. Your Android application asks axept® GO to process a transaction.
  2. axept® GO processes the transaction, including ALL cardholder and merchant interaction, and receipts if desired.
  3. Your Android application monitors Broadcast Messages and interprets the Transaction Result.
  4. Your Android application returns itself to the foreground and next steps are taken as per your own design.

This approach removes your application completely from card processing, ensuring you remain PCI Compliant and resulting in a very simple integration.

Integration Flow