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POS Payments v Online Payments

We separate your payments into the channel you use to make them. Depending on the solution(s) you use with DNA Payments then, either of these channels may be empty.

POS Payments means any transaction processed where the card details are captured via a physical terminal. This includes any Customer Not Present transactions on that terminal, for example where you key the card details in whilst the cardholder reads them out to you via a telephone call.

Online Payments means any transactions processed by any other means. Typically this will mean Ecommerce payments, where a cardholder makes a payment via your website. It can also include Pay By Link payments and all our Additional Payment Methods.


The functionality is broadly the same between both Payment Windows. In our examples we are looking at Online Payments however. If you have any questions, please contact us.



Like the Dashboard, the Payments window allows you to filter by date range. You can also start typing anything and select dynamically the filter you desire from the list presented.


Note that these filters are case-sensitive; Payer starts with MIKE returns multiple payments, but
Payer starts with Mike does not return anything.


Transaction Detail

When you select a transaction, a window appears to the right hand side of the screen, showing a wide variety of transaction information. You can use this to investigate multiple aspects of the payment. In this example, as an Online Payment, 3D Secure, AVS and CSC results are all visible in detail. This table shows some of the fields you will see and the description of their content.

FieldDescriptionTransaction Detail
AmountThe initial amount of the payment.
Charged Amount
Refunded Amount
The amount charged/refunded.
BalanceThe current amount of the payment, including any Refunded amounts.
StatusSee Statuses for more details.
DateDate & Time of the payment.
IDThe unique ID assigned by DNA to the transaction.
Order #The unique ID assigned by the payment solution, if applicable.
RRNThe Retrieval Reference Number of the payment.
Transaction TypeSee Transaction Types for more details.
Authorized On
Charged On
The datetime stamps for separate Authorisation and Charge events, if applicable.
Expiry Date
Limited details of the card used for the transaction.
Response Code
Auth Code
Specific Response Codes from the Authorisation.
Note that we simply pass these values on, DNA cannot provide insight into the reasons for these.
AVS House
AVS postcode
CSC Result
If applicable, the results of these checks.
These values are sent by the Card Issuer.
Managing Payments

You can skip to Managing Payments if required, otherwise please see some reference tables below.

Status Codes and Transaction Types

Transaction Statuses

authorizedSuccessfulTransaction has been authorised.
cancelledSuccessfulTransaction has been cancelled.
chargedSuccessfulTransaction has been charged.
refundedSuccessfulA previously approved transaction has been refunded – either
partially or fully.
tokenizedSuccessfulSuccessful card tokenisation performed; no financial transaction
has been completed.
verifiedSuccessfulConsumers account has been verified.
creditedSuccessfulTransaction has been credited.
failedFailedTransaction has been rejected due to an error.
rejectedFailedTransaction has been rejected by the acquirer/issuer.
createdOtherTransaction created and is in progress.
For Non-card transactions only.
newOtherTransaction has been created but processing has not yet started.
payment_link_cancelledOtherPayment link cancelled.
Only valid for Pay by Link transactions.
payment_link_viewedOtherPayment link viewed but not yet completed.
Only valid for Pay by Link transactions.
pendingOtherAuthorisation only transaction has been Authorised and is awaiting charge or cancellation.
processingOtherTransaction is currently being processed.
authenticatingOtherTransaction is currently in the Payer Authentication/3D Secure
abandonedFailedTransaction abandoned (only used currently for ecospend/Open

Transaction Types

saleTransaction which has been authorised and settled
refundRefund transaction
tokenizationCard token registered; no financial transaction performed
p2pP2P transfers
recurringRecurring transaction
verificationAccount verification transaction
authAuthorisation only
paybylinkPay by Link transaction
creditCredit transaction – e.g. original credit, payment of winnings
adjustmentPartial refund
Authorisation onlyPre-Authorisation

Payment Methods

cardCard payment
paypalPayPal payment
applepayApple Pay payment
googlepayGoogle Pay payment
klarnaKlarna payment
paybybankappPay by Bank App payment
ecospendEcospend (Open Banking) payment