New Merchant Order - ISO

Starting your Order

The Order Portal provides three filters when starting an order, the selections made govern what information the Order Portal requires. Each of the filters is highlighted in the text using a different font colour and an underline.

The three choices are highlighted below.

New Order Options
  1. Confirming whether the merchant is new or existing.
  2. Confirming whether the merchant is a limited company or a sole trader.
  3. Confirming the merchant’s location – either UK, Ireland or Other.

The selections made here will cause the Order Portal to amend the order flow.

In this case, we will leave Option 1 as New.

Merchant Information

The first step in placing an order in the Order Portal is to enter the key Merchant information, including contact details. To make this easier we have included a feature that allows the searching of Companies House information where the Merchant is registered.

Registered Merchant

For a Merchant registered with either Companies House for the UK or the CRO in Ireland, a search can be performed which allows the merchant data to be downloaded rather than manually entered. Before starting to enter the merchant name ensure the filters are set to the correct values.

As the merchant name is entered into the search box the matching results are displayed.

New Merchant Registration

Once the desired business has been located click on the entry shown in the dropdown and all available information will be downloaded and applied automatically.

New Merchant Registration

Information downloaded can be amended if required. Please ensure that all mandatory fields have been completed, shown by the presence of an asterisk *. Once all mandatory information has been entered press the NEXT button to continue.

Sole Trader

There will be occasions where an order is required to be processed for a business or sole trader who is not registered with Companies House.

In these scenarios select the option sole trader on the second filter.

New Merchant Registration

The Order Portal then allows all the required fields to be updated manually. Please complete all mandatory fields and press NEXT to continue.

Delivery Details

Process variations

If you do not see this page yet, you may be set up as a Partner instead. Please check this with your Account Manager if this is not correct.

Delivery Details

The final step of the order entry is to confirm the delivery arrangements. The Order Portal provides three options.

Delivery OptionDescription
Deliver to StoreItems ordered for a specific Merchant Store & Department configuration will be delivered to the address of the Merchant Store.
Deliver to MerchantAll items for the entire order will be dispatched to the main address already provided for the Merchant.
Deliver to a New AddressSelecting this option will prompt the Order Portal to allow the user to enter a completely different address for the items to be shipped to.

In addition to providing the options around the delivery the Order Portal also allows the user to enter custom delivery instructions (limited to 50 characters) either for the entire order or for each delivery if the “Deliver to Store” option is chosen.

Once the required option has been chosen, and completed where applicable, press the NEXT button to continue.

Processing Details

The Processing Details for the Merchant relate to the various configuration items we require to allow the Merchant to process transactions. This includes items such as the Acquirer the Merchant uses for processing, the currency the transactions should be processed in, or the cash back and gratuity settings.

Processing Details

As with all sections of the Order Portal all mandatory fields are indicated via the use of an asterisk * and help is available via the ? symbol if it is needed.

When all mandatory information has been completed press the NEXT button to continue.


The final phase of the order process requires the user to select the bundle required to be ordered.


The “Bundle” dropdown list will show all available bundles as per your agreement with Optomany. Select the bundle required and then enter the quantity required for this order.

If a bundle is missing which is required, please contact your Optomany Account Manager to discuss.

Once the bundle and quantity have been specified press the NEXT button to continue.

Order Summary & Submission


Order Summary

As the data entry for the order is complete the Order Portal then summarises everything that has been captured in the order for validation.

Once all the information has been validated, accept the terms and conditions and press the PLACE ORDER button to submit the order for processing.

Submitting the Order

The Order Portal will submit your order for processing.

Order Summary

Once the order has been accepted the Order Portal will confirm as shown below.

Order Summary