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Setting up your SIM


SIM setup is an optional step and is only required if you have installed a SIM. You will need your Access Point Name (APN) settings for these steps, which can be supplied by your SIM provider.

If you do not wish to Set up your SIM, you can skip to the next section, Processing Transactions.

StepInstructionGuidance Image
1.Select the menu icon on the main axept® GO Launcher screen and choose “Cellular Settings”.
2.The “Cellular Network Settings” menu will then load, select “Access Point Names”.
3.The APN menu is then displayed. To add a new APN, click the + button at the top of the screen.
4.Set the configuration items as per the advice from your SIM provider.
5.Once all details have been added click the back arrow button to return to the axept® GO Launcher.

If you are using axept® GO with an EPOS, please check with the EPOS supplier if a SIM should be installed. Some EPOS solutions require a Wi-Fi connection to work correctly.