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axept® PRO Solution Overview

Our commitment to Pioneering Payment Solutions has led us to develop a fresh and modern User Interface for axept® PRO. Simplified and enhanced functionality is included as standard. You also have the option to add all the features and benefits of a full EPOS system to create a streamlined way for hospitality and retail businesses to cover ordering, sales, payments and customer feedback from one device. All this with the added flexibility of a wide range of terminals.

axept® PRO is an easy-to-use, touchscreen UI that enables users to connect to the payment processing solution and other 3rd party apps in just a few clicks. Developed in-house, this Android-based solution is a truly omnichannel service supporting all major payment schemes and certified with all the major UK acquirers, giving merchants the option to move acquirers without having to change their payment infrastructure.

Tokenisation capabilities support the omnichannel experience by enabling merchants to gain a single view of each customer. The same feature scrambles card details to minimise business exposure to theft of customer data.

This is all housed on a variety of Android terminals, allowing you to utilise the same solution across multiple hardware profiles and requirements.

How to use this Guide

axept® PRO is a powerful integrated solution, however individual EPOS suppliers will have their own specific user guides. The rest of this guide is designed to be used in Standalone Mode; Where transactions are started manually as required.


If you are using axept® PRO with an EPOS, you should check their guide on starting transactions. Once a transaction is started however, the remaining steps will be as documented here.