Power Up and Activate

For security reasons, your terminal is locked when you receive it. This section explains how to unlock and activate your terminal.

StepInstructionGuidance Image
1.Plug the power supply into the power slot of the V240m base unit
2.Place the V240m terminal onto the base unit, and switch power on.
3.The V240m will initialise.
4.When you see the “Terminal Locked” screen, key in your Merchant Number as the password and press the green [ENTER] key

4.Press this key twice more until the Sale screen is displayed.
Terminal Ready

You are now ready to Process Transactions.

Identify Your Variant

Later parts of this guide show different screens, depending on the variant of terminal you have. The variant is determined by your Acquirer, and cannot be amended. It is useful to know which type it is to make following later sections easier.

Please check the tabs below and note the Tab name that corresponds to the screen you see on your terminal.