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Connecting to Wifi

Your V240m terminal is pre-configured to use 3G mobile network for communications. This will allow you to authorise sales immediately.

You can also enable Wi-Fi as the primary communications method. This will allow the device to use Wi-Fi in preference to 3G.

To enable Wi-Fi, please follow the steps below:

StepInstructionGuidance Image
1.Press the grey box at the bottom of the screen and select Communication Wizard
2.On the communications panel, select 'Wifi' using the touch screen.
3.The terminal will then scan for available networks.
4.Select your network from the list available using the touch screen.
5.Using the terminal keypad, enter the WiFi password and press OK on the touch screen to save.

You will need to press a key several times to cycle through all assigned letters. Remember that this password will be case-sensitive.

Check the network details are correct and press Add on the touch screen.
6.The terminal now configures the interface.
7.You will now be able to process transactions over the configured WiFi connection.