Installing Receipt and SIM Crad

Receipt Roll Installation

The A920 terminal accepts standard 57mm wide x 40mm diameter Thermal Till Rolls. Installation is a simple process.

Firstly, open the terminals receipt compartment by carefully lifting the release catch as shown.

Once open, place the receipt roll provided into the open compartment with the receipt paper extending from underneath the roll leaving at least 1cm exposed and close the cover.

The receipt roll is then loaded and ready for printing.

SIM Card Installation

If the terminal is required to utilise a cellular connection the SIM card will need to be installed and the APN (Access Point Name) details configured to allow the SIM to connect to the internet.

To physically install the SIM please follow the below instructions.

Slide back the cover release catch on the rear of the terminal and remove the battery cover. Lift the battery at the bottom (by the white arrow) and remove it from the terminal.

Insert the SIM card in the slot as shown below. Notice that the SIM card is inserted with the metal contacts facing down, and the notched corner at the top right. Once installed, re-insert the battery and replace the cover, locking it in place.

Contact Details

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