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Terminal User Guides

Our terminal solutions fall into two categories;

  • axept® Solutions
  • Legacy Solutions

axept® Solutions

As modern payment hardware has been developed, the majority of terminals have moved to an Android based system. This has allowed us to utilise the same software solution across multiple hardware designs. As a user of these solutions then, you can depend on the same broad functionality regardless of the manufacturer of your terminal. As a result, you can find the main axept® guide here as well as invidual hardware specific terminal guides as below.

User Guide

axept® PRO is our modern and flexible Android-based payment application, and is deployed as standard on all new terminals we supply.

Hardware Overview

Legacy Solutions

We've been developing terminal solutions for a long time, so not all of our solutions use the same approach. Here, you can find full guides to solutions that have been in place for a little while. These are organised by manufacturer and model name.