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Get started with DNA and Optomany

Optomany and DNA Payments have partnered to provide one of the UK's only independent, fully vertically integrated payments companies. We've got a wide variety of payment solutions available, suitable for organisations of all sizes. As we grow, we're transitioning much of our traditional PDF-based documentation to this interactive online portal. If at any time you require legacy documentation, please Contact Us for more information.

Product Overview

As the UK's largest independent Omni-channel Gateway provider, we are able to provide payment solutions for all types of businesses. You can find out more about our solutions at our main website.


Looking to accept online payments through a website or app? Details on our Checkout solution, the Plugins you can use, and our Hosted Fields solution, are available in our Ecommerce section.

Terminal Integration

If you want to accept card payments in person, you will want to integrate to a Terminal or Pin Entry Device solution. Please Contact Us for more information.

Terminal Management and Ordering

If you already have solutions on our platform, we offer tools and API's to simplify the management and ordering of your devices. Please Contact Us for more information.

Payment Gateway Solutions

If you have a large, complex or bespoke requirement, then our Payment Gateway Solution is for you. With this, you can process payments from almost any source in a certified and compliant way. Please Contact Us for more information.

Contact Information

Our team are solution experts and are on hand to support you through the integration process, from initial account setup through to the integration testing process and go-live. Should you experience an issue during testing please ensure that, where applicable, you have the transaction Id or authorisation token available for the team.

If you have any questions or require support, please get in touch with us using the details below:

Optomany Integration Team

Phone:+44 (0) 20 8102 8000

Integration Team Hours

Days:Monday - Friday
Hours Covered:09:00 – 17:30