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Our Gateway solution underpins all of our other payment solutions, from terminals to Ecommerce. As a result, it is a complex and feature-rich payment integration solution. We've worked hard to provide alternative products that provide simple API's for specific use cases, however it may be that your requirements have led you here.


You should only go further into this part of the site if you've spoken with your Account Manager and the Integration team at Optomany and confirmed the functionality here is an absolute requirement. It is considered very advanced and represents a significantly higher development workload than our other API's.

The bulk of this solution remains documented in PDF format only. Please Contact Us for the PDF version of this product guide. We're working on transitioning all PDF-based documentation online however, so please check back regularly if required.

The advent of 3D Secure 2 however has prompted us to provide a detailed API online ONLY for this solution. The size and complexity of the 3DS2 solution lends itself to this more flexible layout.