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Release Notes

You will find release notes for our latest production solutions here. Please select your solution from the left hand options.

Format of the Release Notes

A table detailing all releases is the first thing you will see. The most recent releases are at the top, with previous releases in descending order. You should be able to identify the changes between your current version and the latest version with relative ease, but if you require assistance, please drop us a note.

Version Best Practice

We recommend your solution is deployed with the most up-to-date version possible

Our version numbering process has not been consistent throughout our history. All products have, or will shortly, transition to the system outlined below. We have not included all historical version iterations for all products, as in many cases there are minimum viable versions in place. Please contact us with any questions around a given version.

Version Explanation

MajorVersion . MinorVersion . BuildDate(YYJJJ format) . BuildIncrement

e.g. 1.2.20030.1 would be the first software build completed on January 30th 2020