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Demonstration Application & Source Code

Optomany have created a demo application which not only allows the integrator to see the integration in action but by also sharing the source code provides a valuable resource to help the integration complete as quickly as possible. You can download it here.


In order to use the demo application, the below components are required.

  • PAX A920 from Optomany (in ‘Debug’ Mode)
  • USB Download Cable (Micro USB)
  • axept® GO installed on a minimum version of
  • axept® GO Launcher installed on a minimum version of 1.00.33
  • axept® GO file containing the required resources

Installation Instructions

Unzip the axept® GO file to access the below content:

\Demo Application\APK File
\Demo Application\Code\Source code for demo application
\Integration Guide\A copy of this document
\Sample Code\Printing\Sample code showing how to access the A920’s printer
\Sample Code\Scanning\Sample code showing how to access the A920’s scanner/camera

Important Information

The below are important points to note around the integration.

  1. The application provides a very simple interface that allows a simple transaction and refund to be performed. Several buttons are provided on the main activity (see for these tasks.
  2. Comments have been added in the code to explain how the various functions work.
  3. The code relies on a library that is included called eftservicelib-release.aar. Please look at the manifest and the build.gradle files to see how it is integrated. The latest library will be included in the \lib folder.
  4. The IPC comms rely on a BroadcastReceiver being used to send/receive the messages. Please look at the manifest to see how this should be declared. The example implementation is in:
  5. It is the responsibility of the calling app to return itself to the foreground once the transaction is completed (The sample app also does this in the TestLaunchReceiver by calling startActivity() once the result has been received).

In Summary, integrators can declare a receiver and use the included library to do IPC comms to and from the axept® GO app (using this app as a working example).

sample code disclaimer

We provide this source code to assist with your development effort, however it has not been designed as Production Ready code. You should ensure that any code you use in your finished application is robustly written and tested to work as you require it. We cannot accept any liability where this code has been used