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Please see the change history for our Checkout product below. You can find more information here.

VersionDateFeatures added
2.311/05/21merchantCustomData added
2.408/06/21Recurring token processing added, Refund added to Token payment, postLink and failurePostLink
2.502/07/21softDescriptor to Payment Request, C# code example for Signature Verification, cardholderName & schemeReferenceData added to Payment Result
2.606/07/21merchantCustomData added to Recurring endpoint
2.708/07/21autoRedirectDelayInMs to Config
2.810/08/21Callback events added to Config/Widget
2.912/08/21useStoredBillingData field added added to Config/Widget
2.1020/09/21Inclusion of Google Pay as a supported Payment Method
2.1105/10/21Inclusion of Klarna payment method. Minor structural changes to guide for readability. Example code expanded. deliveryType field added to Payment Request

The functionality requires no update, and is available from the date noted. More information can be found in the relevant section.