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PAX 'S' Series Terminals

This update includes the S900 Wifi Terminal, the S800 Countertop Terminal, and the S300 IP and the Q25 IP Terminal. S900 and S800 are available as standalone devices, and S300 and Q25 are typically integrated with a POS system.


If you are using the S300 or Q25 device with the Windows axept® Service, you should check our Integrated Solution release notes instead.

Version NumberDate Released
1.2.22186.115/07/2022 and lower08/09/2020

1.2.23262.1 - 21/09/2023

This release is identical to previous releases, but contains the latest data signing certificate. This means that any terminals running versions prior to 1.2.22236.1 can be updated to this version and will be able to continue to sign data when the previous certificate expires.

1.2.22236.1 - 10/09/2022

This release contains the following functionality updates and fixes which are not present in older releases.


  • Data Signing Certificates can now be downloaded as part of regular maintenance updates, instead of requiring a full software update
End of Life versions

All versions below are no longer available for downloaded

1.2.22186.1 - 15/07/2022

This release contains the following functionality updates and fixes which are not present in older releases.


  • PAX Q25 PED now supported
  • Added support for Online Refunds
  • Improved handling of Daylight Savings Time in various timezones
  • Improved logging and maximum log size
  • New DNA Branding included
  • Configurable support to change OS System Password added
  • Expiry Date removed from Receipt Data
  • You can now suppress the final receipt printing confirmation screen when Semi-integrated.


  • Resolved a number of minor issues with messages sent to and from specific Card Schemes and Acquirers
    • Union Pay Online PIN
    • Diners SCA handling
    • EMV Tag corrections for WorldPay
  • Resolved some issues with redundant Stored Transactions failing to upload.

Stability and Resilience Improvements

As part of this build, several stability, recovery and solution resilience tools have been implemented.

  • Remote Support tool added, allowing DNA Support staff to clear cached files and settings. This allows remote recovery from most issues.
  • Additional tools added to allow further recovery with a single command where the application needs replaced.
  • Configuration signing has been removed, this is now authenticated via the OS. The result is faster and less error-prone configuration updates. - 27/01/2021

This version includes the latest data-signing certificate so is the minimum supported version available in our Live and Pre-Production Environments.

The addition of this certificate is the only change from the previously supported version, and includes the following functionality that was not available in versions prior to this.


  • Amex Contactless Support
  • MOTO access restrictable by User permission
  • Flexecash Scheme supported
  • 'Integration Allowed' toggle
  • Support for Response code 65


  • Fixed an issue where the cryptogram data does not follow BST changes.
  • The word “Authorised” has now been removed from a receipt that requires a signature.
  • Fixed intermittent branding issues. Branding will now be retained following a restart.
  • Multiple significant performance and logging improvements implemented to improve stability - 08/09/2020

This version, and all lower versions, are no longer supported. You should contact the Integration team to update your PPE/Test device or our Customer Support team to update your Live device.

The terminal will continue to work, but will be unable to update its configuration without also updating the software.