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Hardware Overview

axept® PRO is designed to run on any Android payment terminal. We're constantly identifying pioneering terminal manufacturers we can work with to ensure businesses have the solutions they need to thrive. Below is a list of the solutions we have or are working on. We've organised these by how you would typically use them.

Standalone Terminals

Standalone Terminals work out of the box. They are shipped with a built-in printer so that your solution is compliant without any reliance on external hardware or software. These are our most popular products and represent the majority of our deployed solutions.

Integrated Terminals

These terminals need a separate POS to function fully. They are smaller units, and do not include a printer. As a result, one of the key roles of the POS is to ensure that cardholders are able to receive a receipt if they request one. Traditionally, this means the POS has a printer which can read axept® PRO's receipt data, but there are ambitious solutions which use e-receipt functionality.

Unattended Terminals

Like Integrated Terminals, our Unattended solutions require a POS to function. It also can be used outside, in locations where there is no POS operator to assist e.g Fuel/Charging stations, Parking Payment, Vending Machines and Gaming Kiosks. They are generally niche products, but the growth of certain sectors where their use is widepsread means we have many of these deployed.