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Ecommerce Overview

More details on each of these options are below


Optomany and DNA Payments have combined to produce a feature rich solution for the processing of ecommerce transactions. The Checkout solution has been designed to operate either as a full-page redirect or, the provision of the payment form within a JavaScript lightbox which allows the consumer to stay on the host’s checkout page. Both operating modes see Checkout handle the sensitive cardholder data meaning that the host website never has access to full card numbers or other sensitive values.

The solution includes a simple integration which has been specifically designed to allow merchants to add Checkout to their website quickly and seamlessly. The Checkout user interface can also be branded to match the look and feel of the merchant checkout page, giving the consumer further comfort when making payment.

This is the most common Ecommerce approach undertaken so the Integration Guide starts on the next page.


We have partnered with several ecommerce providers like WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce, and created Plugins that you can add to your solution quickly and easily. Please select Ecommerce Plugins from the sidebar if you would like to see what plugins are currently available, along with the relevant implementation guides.

Hosted Fields

If you want to retain the look and feel of your own website completely, but aren't ready to start handling raw card data, then our Hosted Fields solution should help. It utilises much of the functionality available in Checkout, whilst maintaining the styling of your website.

In just a few clicks, send out a secure payment link to the cardholder via Text Message, Whatsapp, email, or any other message system you want.

Apple Pay

You can use our solution to link your Apple Pay and DNA accounts together, and render an Apple Pay button. Following buyer Authentication on their device, you can then use our Apple Pay certification to pass an Apple Pay token in the Payment Request.