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Getting Started with Plugins

When your application is successfully completed with DNA Payments, account credentials are issued that allow you to configure your plugin/website to accept transactions. These credentials ensure that access to the accounts are only provided to authorised person(s). These credentials consist of a Client ID, Client Secret and Terminal ID.

The information is supplied to the email address provided during the application and will look like the below:

  • Client Secret: Ma1$9_urLYokhRPPXYQwxl1P_j9HURguTb!P8YgmNBPym1lw-rmh570kY_gR-I$
  • Terminal ID: 96f517da-7bb5-468d-bef2-4d6b6c569544

I Cannot Locate My Credentials, What Can I Do?

In the event that you cannot locate your credentials please email and after completing some security questions for verification we will be happy to assist.