Features & Flows

axept® PRO is the latest release of our leading axept® payment applications. It supports the processing of payments using contactless, contact and swipe technologies on PAX’s IM30 device.


axept® PRO supports connectivity via HTTPS over TCP/IP (with a self-signed SSL certificate), using port 8080 for integration purposes. It provides a RESTful API, to allow integrated applications to leverage the following functionality.


The transaction resources allows an integrated client to initiate a payment (using POST) as well as retrieve the results of a transaction (using GET). If required, the integrated client can use DELETE to cancel the current transaction.


Reports (X or Z) can be generated by performing a GET on the /reports resource.


A report that provides the integrated client with a list of the most recent transactions can be retrieved using a GET on the /historyReports resource

The below feature is only available when using a Pre-Auth & Charge flow, where the card can be identified prior to the transaction starting.

This optional resource allows an integrated client to put axept® PRO into a state where a card can be presented and read (using POST). Once read, the integrated client can then use a GET to retrieve the read card details to determine what to do next: initiate a transaction or cancel (using DELETE).

For integrators who wish to support MiFare cards, /cardAcquisition is a mandatory resource. MiFare cards can only be read during a Card Acquisition session.


Transaction Flows

axept® PRO supports two possible flows when processing transactions. The key difference is based upon whether the integrated client needs to decide whether the transaction should be processed on the presented card.

In this flow, the integrated client initiates a transaction via axept® PRO’s /transaction resource which results in axept® PRO guiding the cardholder through presenting their card, entering their PIN (when required) and then authorising the transaction.

Simplified Flow

Next Steps

The next section of this guide will show you how to initiate a transaction via the Simplified Flow, how to monitor processing completed by axept® PRO and then how to query the transaction result.