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Terminal Information

The /info request allows you to confirm or identify terminals with a simple GET request sent to an IP address on your local network. There are multiple use cases for this feature, for example:

  • The EPOS can send to all IP's in the local range, and build an accurate picture of all axept® PRO terminal's on site at that time
  • The EPOS can send to a specific IP to match the IP and Serial Number up, allowing one less step in EPOS configuration
  • The EPOS can use this to periodically monitor the devices on site as a way to maintain the wider estate.

GET /info



An HTTPS GET request should be sent to the above URL with the following parameters:

GET /reports Header Parameters
Field NameStateData TypeDescription
AuthorizationMandatoryStringThis field should be populated with a value of
Bearer 6945595921271780

This is the only REST endpoint that does not require the tid (Device Serial Number) as a parameter.

GET Request Example

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer 6945595921271780
User-Agent: PostmanRuntime/7.26.8
Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
Connection: keep-alive

DeviceInfo Object response fields

In response to the GET, axept® PRO will return the DeviceInfo object containing the following fields:

DeviceInfo Object
Field NameData TypeDescription
axeptProVersionStringThe current software version of the payment application.
batteryLevelStringThe current battery level of the terminal, expressed as a percentage e.g. "86%"
connectionInfoObjectAn Object containing several details related to the terminals network connection.
departmentIdStringThe Department ID for the currently logged in user.

This will only show if axept® PRO is logged in to a Department.
firmwareVersionStringThe current firmware version installed on the terminal.
manufacturerStringThe device manufacturer e.g. "PAX"
midStringIf available, the primary Merchant ID configured on the terminal. Only valid following terminal activation.
modelStringThe model name as provided by the operating system e.g. "A920Pro"
posIdStringThe unique identifier that the manufacturer assigns to the terminal.
serialNumberStringThe serial number of the terminal. This may or may not be the same as posId.
These additional fields will only be populated if axept® PRO is currently logged in to a valid user.
tidStringThe terminal ID allocated to the logged in user. Our terminals use 'soft tids' so this can change depending on which department has been logged into.
userIdStringThe user ID for the logged in user.
userNameStringThe user name for the logged in user.

The user password will never be returned from this endpoint.

connectionInfo Object response fields

connectionInfo Object
Field NameData TypeDescription
connectionTypeStringThe type of connection. Possible values are:
batteryLevelStringThe current battery level of the terminal, expressed as a percentage e.g. "86%"
The remaining fields are part of an Object based on the connectionType e.g. wifiInfo.
gatewayStringThe IP address of the Gateway the terminal connection is using.
ipAddressStringThe IP address the terminal connection is using.
signalStrengthStringIf applicable, the strength of the Wi-Fi connection.
subnetMaskStringThe IP address of the Subnet Mask the terminal connection is using.

GET Example Response

"DeviceInfo": {
"axeptProVersion": "1.00.48-11101",
"batteryLevel": "86%",
"connectionInfo": {
"connectionType": "Wi-Fi",
"wifiInfo": {
"gateway": "",
"ipAddress": "",
"signalStrength": "100% Excellent Signal",
"subnetMask": ""
"departmentId": "118677",
"firmwareVersion": "PayDroid_8.1.0_Sagittarius_V11.1.33_20220112",
"manufacturer": "PAX",
"mid": "82603014000",
"model": "A920Pro",
"posId": "1850609592",
"serialNumber": "1850609592"
"tid": "03014042",
"userId": "4321",
"userName": "4321"