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Display Data

When polling /cardAcquisition or /transaction, axept® PRO will return DisplayData. This is an array of objects which provides a description string and value. The array will grow in size as the transaction processes; By the end of the transaction the response from axept® PRO should provide a list of all steps that the solution went through as the transaction was processed.

DisplayData is provided to allow an integrated EPOS to display useful information to cashiers.

DisplayData should only be used for the purpose of displaying information to cashiers, as such the “Description” strings can be provided as is. Should you feel that a “Description” string will not be useful to your cashiers, you can use the “Value” integer and map this within the EPOS to a preferred display sting.


Integrators should NOT use this information for state machines – integrations must use the HTTP status codes returned in response to a GET to determine what state axept® PRO is in.

The following table provides the current supported values (integers) and descriptions (strings) supported by axept® PRO:

/status Response
1Transaction started 
2Transaction Approved 
3Transaction Declined 
4Card type = MSRIndicates a card was swiped by the magnetic stripe reader.
5MSR Transaction Declined 
6Card type EMVIndicates that a card was inserted in to the devices chip reader.
7Card type CTLSIndicates that a card was presented to the devices contactless reader.
8CTLS Transaction Declined 
9Card type = manual,Indicates that a card was keyed in. This status should not occur with the PAX IM30.
10Transaction Cancelled 
11Transaction Referred 
12Transaction Finished 
13GetCard Screen Displayed 
14Manual Pan Screen Displayed 
15Pin Requested(Offline)The PIN will be confirmed by interacting with the chip on the card.
16Pin Requested(Online)The PIN will be captured, encrypted and sent online to be verified by the card issuer.
17Host Approved 
18Deferred Auth 
19Reversal Approved 
20Reversal Declined 
21Transaction Declined 
22Card User Cancelled 
23GENAC2 Failed 
24Printer General Error 
25Printer Out Of Paper 
26Amount High 
27Amount Low 
28Card Blocked 
29Card Expired 
30Card Type Not Allowed 
31Invalid Card Number 
32Pin Invalid Retry 
33Pin Invalid Last Try 
34Cashback Too High 
35Pin Cvm Required 
36Signature Cvm Required 
37Locally Declined 
38Host Declined 
39Issuer Declined 
40Issuer Unavailable 
41Update in Progress Error 
42Update Required Error 
43Reversal Not Possible Error 
44Transaction Type Not Allowed 
45Login Failed 
46Chip Unreadable 
47Chip App Unsupported Please Swipe 
48Chip Rid Unsupported Please Swipe 
49Chip Invalid Please Swipe 
50Chip not allowed Please swipe 
51Chip detected Please Insert 
52Chip detected Please Insert OR Force Fallback 
53Insert or Swipe Card 
54Magnetic Strip Unreadable 
55Magnetic Stripe Invalid 
56Magnetic Stripe Not Allowed 
57Manual Input Invalid 
58Manual Input Invalid Length 
59Manual Input Invalid Date 
60Cashback Only Allowed Online 
61Transaction Only Allowed Online 
62Approval Code Invalid 
63Password Invalid 
64Close Batch Required 
65Close Batch Not Required 
66Technical Error 
67Hardware Error