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As part of transaction processing, axept® PRO can produce receipts. These will be visible on screen and allows the cardholder to view the receipt generated.

Alternatively, it is possible to instruct axept® PRO not to display receipts via the disablePrinting flag in the Query String Parameters of a transaction request.

In this situation, the expectation is that the you will have functionality to offer cardholders the opportunity to request an EFT receipt and then use the data returned via Polling For the Transaction Result to format and produce an EFT receipt.

If you wish to print consolidated "Goods and Card" receipts, or have detailed receipting requirements, we recommend you utilise the axept PRO Printing & Scanning API. This API provides a uniform way of printing a wirde variety of text and images. More information can be found here.


The UK card industry has specific standards that must be met around when receipts should be available as well as the contents and formatting of receipts. As such, it is strongly recommended that this responsibility is left to axept® PRO.

There are scenarios however where this is not suitable. Please contact our Implementations Team for guidance on industry standards for availability, contents and format of receipts. You can also 'copy' the format and content of the receipt printed by axept® PRO prior to adding in the disablePrinting flag.