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Google Pay™

Google Pay™ is a fast, simple way to pay with your compatible mobile device through our Checkout solution.

On these devices, the payment page will offer Google Pay™ as a payment option. You will see the Google Pay™ logo below where this is enabled.

Google Pay's website provides extensive detail on the setup and usage for the cardholder, as well as an example of a browser payment and a detailed set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Google Pay™ Implementation

We have included Google Pay™ functionality as a standard feature for ALL our customers. This payment method uses multiple layers of security and so provides the cardholder with peace of mind. The implementation is available for our Direct Integration, our Widget Integration, or our Hosted Fields solution. You can find these products listed on the left, and summarised here.

Please see the Google Pay™ Acceptable Use Policy for your review. By using Google Pay™, you are also agreeing to the Google Pay™ API Terms of Service.

Automatic Implementation

Google Pay™ will appear as a payment method on all Merchants by default.

Supported Authentication Methods

There are two allowed Authentication Methods:

PAN_ONLYThis authentication method is associated with payment cards stored on file with the user's Google Account. Returned payment data includes personal account number (PAN) with the expiration month and the expiration year.SUPPORTED
CRYPTOGRAM_3DSThis authentication method is associated with cards stored as Android device tokens. Returned payment data includes a 3-D Secure (3DS) cryptogram generated on the device.SUPPORTED

Example showing Google Pay™

Payment Example

Opt Out of Google Pay™

You can elect to have us disable Google Pay™, should you not wish to offer it. We can arrange this on a case-by-case basis. Please email us to opt out.

Direct Implementation

If you'd prefer to render and display a Google button only, you can use our Direct Integration method.